Water Marbling Silk Scarf Workshop

Water Marbling Silk Scarf Workshop

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Join us to create with the magic of water marbling!

We bring the beautiful, ancient art of water marbling (known as Ebru) to the 21st century by inviting you to be the artist. Come and make your own water marbled silk scarf.

Each artist chooses their colours and floats the paint one drop at a time on the surface of the water, then uses marbling combs, rakes, or stylus to create the design of their liking. ALL AGES WELCOME!

Choose one of our  workshop time blocks:

> 12pm-2pm

> 3pm-5pm

OUTDOOR CLASS… please dress appropriately

Tickets are booked by time slot. For example, 112-2pm silk scarf. In that time slot we will show you a demonstration, and then you will create your masterpiece! Tickets include all supplies to make a 15 inch by 72 inch silk scarf, Up to 6 tickets per time slot available.

If you are looking for information about a private or group session please email hello@coastalflowcreative.com. 

if you have any questions about our classes or would rather not register online please give us a call 250 412 3738, email hello@coastalflowcreative.com, or come by the studio to register in person. We are located at 4632 Elizabeth Street and open Thursday - Saturday 12-5 or by appointment.